The nature of Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies howl because they basically don’t know how to bark. They often speak some of their own language, the so-called woo-woooo-woooo by howling. They are the biggest talkers.

They are used to living in a family environment and can be trusted with children, but due to their great energy, they do not like to stay indoors. He is an intelligent dog, but that is also the reason why the owners cannot cope with them.

The character of the dog is so strong that he will think two or three times before doing what the owner asks of him. If he does not like the order, it is easily possible that he will not carry it out. Due to the great energy, it is necessary to provide a yard, although it can be kept in the apartment if you walk regularly. Since he has a pronounced hunting instinct, it is not recommended to leave other small animals with him unattended.

He is not suitable as a guard, especially because he does not bark, he always happily welcomes even a stranger. If a thief came, he would probably greet him happily. He has a very mild temperament, likes to play with children, and is not biting at all.

They can be successfully trained, but they quickly get tired of training after a certain time, so it is better to entrust the dog to an experienced trainer.

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